Heilongjiang “lottery king” : won 5 million yuan twice, but was jailed for 10 years for the third time

If you had the chance to make $5 million, what would you do with it?Most people will most likely take care of their most immediate needs first, like buying a house, paying off debts, eating and drinking.But if you had the chance to get another five million, what would you do?A lot of people may be thinking, will such a good thing happen to me?That’s impossible!But in fact, the most unlikely event of its kind has actually happened.The lucky one was Ma Hongping, a man from Heilongjiang Province.In 2003, ma Hongping, 35, bought a pile of lottery tickets with 268 yuan and accidentally won 5 million yuan.With this money, he solved his family’s problems and got a big improvement in his living standard.The following year, Ma hongping was lucky again and won 5 million yuan.This time he completely became the hearts of many people “color god”, a time limelight without two.However, winning the lottery twice in a row did not satisfy him.On the contrary, ma hongping began to feel flattered by others.Thinking of himself as “the chosen one,” he began desperately studying lottery numbers and how to win a third time.The result is very unexpected, in the future he not only failed to win the prize, but also sent himself into a criminal “road of no return”, and even got his wife separated.So what did Ma Hongping do?Why would it have anything to do with crime?What was the end of him?Laid-off jobs when the security guard, crazy lottery provoking dislike “alas, this day at a glance can hope to the end, when I can become rich ah!”Ma hongping, who had been promoted to head of the mall’s security department by then, sighed again as he looked out the window at the luxury cars passing by.After graduating from school in his early years, he went to work in an arms factory in Tonghe.Obviously every day hard work, the result was laid off tide, lost the job.Fortunately, a well-connected relative introduced him to work as a security guard in an underground shopping mall in Harbin railway station.And with studious character, he was promoted to the minister of security in a very short period of time, the future life is also guaranteed.But as time went by, Ma Hongping felt more and more that his life was too monotonous.He was distressed to think that he had to do the same thing over and over again every day when he had made no progress in his work for a long time.How to say oneself also is a big man, which ability so muddle muddle ground to go down?What’s more, ma Hongping just heard a few days ago that many of his fellow workers were doing well in the outside world, even driving luxury cars, which made him feel even more unbalanced.Why do I have to struggle here while others are doing so well?I want to make big money!In this way, Ma Hongping holding a unwilling mediocre heart, began to look everywhere to make a fortune.One way or another, he targeted the lottery.Coincidentally, at the advent of the millennium, Heilongjiang popular “computer lottery”.At that time, many people walked into the lottery station with a fluke mentality, hoping that the god of luck would fall on them.Ma Hongping felt the same way. He thought it was just a few yuan for breakfast or a pack of cigarettes.Originally just hold the mentality that play try, can look at others ceaselessly in hundreds even tens of thousands, he began to be serious.If they can win, why can’t I?In the following days, As long as Ma Hongping is passing the lottery station, will certainly go in to buy a few notes.This behavior has gradually changed from a few times a year to one or more times a day.During Ma Hongping has won or big or small prize, taste the sweet he, also more and more obsessed with buying lottery tickets.However, such behavior, but also by his wife in the eyes.How can her husband live on when he spends all his wages on lottery tickets?She repeatedly persuaded Ma Hongping to work hard and not to think that heaven can drop stuffing, but the result was no use.Ma Hongping did not stop fantasy, even began to study the trend of the lottery.He would sit and chat with other people when he met those who had the same interests with him and groped for the way out.Ma never felt as focused on anything as he does now.He was so devoted that he could even make a book out of the recipe, just waiting for it to work.Perhaps Ma Hongping’s hard work finally moved god. On October 8, 2003, a “miracle” happened.That day, as usual, he spent 268 yuan to buy various types of lottery tickets, and then went home happily.On the day of the drawing, Ma hongping found that although the others did not win, but the red and blue ball winning numbers were exactly the same as his original choice.And what made him even more excited was that the prize money was 5 million!Ma Hongping could not believe his eyes.He checked it several times, and when he was sure, his heart began to pound.He quickly told his wife, who thought he was joking at first, but became incoherent when she double-checked.They calmed down a little and decided to collect the prize early the next morning.And when the money really arrives after account, the life of husband and wife 2 people also began to produce after earth-shaking change.5 million yuan at that time was already a huge sum of money, and Ma Hongping got this windfall, and did not hide it.First, he bought his son an apartment in Beijing, after all, it is not easy for him to struggle alone.Then he bought many designer clothes and bags for his wife to experience the life of a lady.As for himself, he did not want to lie at home and eat nothing, but continued to work in the mall security department.But he was more relaxed than he had been before.With his wealth, Ma hongping no longer had to struggle like others. He even began to help others.Like relatives and friends know that he is rich, put aside their previous aversion to face, have come forward to ask him for help.Ma Hongping is not a person who holds grudges. When he sees difficulties, he tries his best to help.At that time, there was a young man named Wang Shiyan in Harbin who needed money for kidney surgery. When he heard about it, he donated 20,000 yuan.Another taxi driver, Song Guojun, seriously injured a passenger in an argument.In order to evade capture, he fled to other places, and did not dare to return home for nearly two years, leaving his wife and children without a means of support.Ma hongping was so sympathetic that he volunteered 30,000 yuan to compensate the injured passenger.Then under his advice, song Guojun also finally no longer avoid, voluntarily went to the police surrendered.In addition, Ma hongping has helped many people with his own money on many occasions.Because of this, he became the most competitive candidate when Harbin voted for “ice-city love emissary”.Looking at him gradually in Harbin to open the reputation, become the eyes of the people “good” general existence, Ma Hongping also feel more and more spiritual pleasure.Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fortune, not have to worry about the rest of your life, and still be able to do good and make a name for yourself?He felt that he was almost at the top of his game.But even so, Ma hongping did not abandon his hobby and bought lottery tickets whenever he had a spare moment.After all, he had to make good use of the secrets he had learned before.Fortunately, ma hongping was lucky again.By June of the following year, he had won $5 million with two colors.Once the news was exposed, it set off a huge storm in the whole Harbin.While people are talking, ma Hongping also produced many feelings of envy.Such a small probability of the event happened to him twice, simply god!He’s already a multimillionaire!Ma Hongping himself did not expect to be so lucky, in an interview with the media also some “flattered”.Listen to the outside world praise himself as “color god” “gifted”, he even some embarrassed.After he calmed down, Ma felt that his experience must have played a role.As long as you learn to calculate, insist on buying for a long time, and increase betting, you will certainly have the chance to win.If you’ve won twice in a row, the third time must be easy.Maybe he can even apply for a world record, then he’ll be sure to win the title of “lottery king”!With this idea in mind, Ma Hongping began to make a mad dash for the third five million yuan.At that time, he bought lottery every day, periodical betting.The amount of money invested ranged from thousands to tens of thousands without hesitation.Ma Hongping felt that he had returned to the previous state of studying the trend of lottery, more focused than ever, the new five million seems to be beckoning to him.However, this time, luck seems to have no desire to favor him……In order to achieve his goal, Ma Hongping kept buying lottery tickets from 2004 to 2006.At first, confident of the results of his research, he gave up his job in the security department and wanted to concentrate on “big things”.His wife saw this and no longer stopped him as before.Her husband has won two prizes in a row. He must be out of his depth.But even though Ma didn’t even eat every day, it didn’t work out as expected.He spent a lot of money, but it all went down the drain. Before long, His savings had dwindled to nothing.Ma Hongping is not reconciled, the money can not be thrown in for nothing, he must win back.So he decided to borrow money from friends around him, but on what grounds?We can’t talk about buying lottery tickets, can we?Will anyone borrow it?Think of here, Ma Hongping unconsciously produced crooked idea.He deliberately claimed that he wanted to build a subway in Harbin or clean up the songhua River, asking people to lend him money generously.When you win another five million, you’ll be able to pay it off.Because of the reputation of the “color king” outside, Ma Hongping is not difficult to borrow money, everyone believes that he will be able to return.One of them borrowed more than 500,000 yuan from him when he was growing up and even sold his house to raise money.Two other people loaned him $100,000 $200,000, no small amount.However, just as they were fully expecting Ma hongping to return the money in time, he seemed to disappear.Not only was the phone disconnected, but there was no one at home.As time went on, more and more people realized they had been duped.They have gathered to Ma Hongping home, angry door to collect debt.But by then the house was empty, and Ma Hongping’s wife had long since divorced him, disconnecting from the matter.His friends could not believe that he would do such a thing, and their grief was mixed with regret.If I had not trusted Ma Hongping so easily, maybe this would not have happened.Because be too disappointed to his personal character, everybody decides must catch Ma Hongping.And after searching through all sorts of channels, 2007, public finally found Ma Hongping in some humble lottery station.He was already groggy, his eyes lifeless.Obviously, Ma Hongping’s third dream of five million has been broken.See him so decadent, people do not want to sympathize, just want to quickly send this big cheater into the public security Bureau.The court soon scrutinized the case.In the process, Ma Hongping did not cover up his crimes, he truthfully confessed everything.For example, I once collected money from acquaintances in the name of contracting projects, and finally raised 1.03 million yuan from seven people.He not only caused great economic losses to the victims, but also greatly affected the lives of his family, for which he felt very regretful and painful.In order to make up for the loss suffered by the victims, Ma Hongping has told his family to raise money to pay back the money as soon as possible.On September 9, 2008, ma Hongping’s case was officially announced as the result of the first trial.Because of his good attitude, Ma hongping was sentenced to 10 years in prison for fraud, deprived of his political rights for one year, and fined 500,000 yuan (us $62,000) at the solicitation of his defense lawyer.When Ma Hongping’s case was reported by the media, people in Harbin and even Heilongjiang province were in a rage.Did not expect once “color king”, unexpectedly fell such an end!What a pity!Of course, some people think that Ma Hongping has only himself to blame. Instead of letting a multimillionaire go to trouble, he has now landed himself in jail!And for those who have the same lucky psychology with Ma Hongping lottery people, also began to reflect on themselves.Good luck doesn’t happen all the time, and getting rich overnight is only the exception.

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