Sichuan college entrance examination for sports majors will be held from March 14 to April 2

The original title: sichuan college entrance examination sports class specialized nationwide examination on March 14 solstice held on April 2, chengdu sichuan news network – first screen news on February 27, dispatch (reporter Chen Lin) in sichuan province in 2022 ordinary institutions of higher learning sports major unified exam (hereinafter referred to as “sports class specialized nationwide examination”) on April 2, on March 14 solstice held in chengdu sports institute.Sichuan Education Examination Institute requires that all candidates who participate in the unified examination of physical education major should log in the official website of Sichuan Education Examination Institute ( 14 days before the first examination according to their own examination schedule (examinees’ examination schedule can be accessed through the public wechat account of sichuan Physical Education Examination Office).Download the “health Condition Commitment letter” of the examinee, and fill in the daily health information truthfully as required, and submit it to the leader teacher before the first test.Candidates whose physical health information is incomplete are not allowed to enter the test site.Those who conceal their travel and residence history in the epidemic or high-risk areas, their contact history with high-risk persons, or their fever and respiratory symptoms and fail to report the situation shall be borne by themselves.The examinees shall arrive at the test site on time to take the test under the organization of the middle school’s leading teacher and according to the unified examination schedule.The examinee should obey the management of the team leader and teacher, and unify the travel and accommodation.During the test, candidates can only enter the test site at the entrance time specified on their admission ticket with their ID card and admission ticket. When entering the test site, candidates must verify their identity, show their health code and take their temperature.At present, there is a risk of COVID-19 in Our province, and there is still a risk of cross-infection in the confrontational test content (the “competition” part) of football, basketball and volleyball tests. In order to ensure the health and safety of students, experts have verified and reported to the provincial Admission Committee for approval.This year continue to cancel the “big three” sports specialized test (football, basketball, volleyball) special examination body antagonism in the content, the special test out 40 minutes unchanged, special examination score according to the special test other items out of 28 points to real score with proportional amplifier, namely the special examination score = special other project real score x (40 members present 28),Examinee final special test total score according to the principle of rounding to retain two decimal points.Sichuan Education Examination Institute reminds candidates to strengthen their awareness of epidemic prevention and control during the examination period, and take good care of self-protection. They should wear masks (except during identity verification and examination), wash their hands frequently, and refrain from visiting, dining, gathering, shopping malls and other crowded places to avoid social infection.(Chen Lin) Source: Sichuan News network

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