The “year” son | crouching tiger, hidden dragon fifth article The Chinese New Year

My hometown is in the countryside.As soon as the twelfth lunar month arrives, the atmosphere of the New Year thickens.In the village of the supply and marketing agency, people buying New Year’s goods in an endless stream.Those traditional New Year pictures left a deep impression on me, now think of it is still beautiful, the thick paper, emitting the fragrance of ink, in the young mind, has taken it as a symbol of the year.Laba in the north is the coldest time of the year.Its special significance lies in that it is one step closer to the New Year.Every day before dawn will wake up, at the thought of the New Year, excited to sleep.The old people in the village began to say to the children: “Don’t you slander, children, after the Laba will be the New Year.Don’t cry, you will kill pigs after laba.”The children ran away, laughing and cheering.At that time, not all families could afford to kill adult pigs.And the family that killed a pig all want to arrange a meal, entertain a village neighbor close wei.We these children eat not much meat, is a diagram of a lively house, the house of the scurrying.That year food is very poor, usually is corn flour cake, small rice, even pasta also can not eat.So Chinese New Year is a good chance for us children to satisfy our cravings.In the days before New Year’s Eve, my mother was busy steaming subjects like rice cakes and steamed buns — and, the day before, using a cauldron of subjects like meat.I was standing on the edge of the pot, staring at the pot closely, smelling the fragrance that floated out, I do not know that saliva has been flowing down.My mother would lift the lid of the pot and put a small piece of meat in the bowl with chopsticks. I would reach out and take it without burning my mouth and bite it down.Antithetical couplets are also indispensable for the Spring Festival.At that time, the couplets were different from those of today. They were all written on red paper.Father’s calligraphy is very good, is our village well-known Sir, so come to my home to ask father to write couplets are lined up, the two days of the Chinese New Year is father’s busiest time.I looked at the black and bright brush writing on the red paper, there is unspeakable envy.When the red couplets stick to the wall door, the festive ah, the atmosphere of the year immediately out.When I was young, I liked to wear new clothes.The night before New Year’s Eve, I would take out my new clothes and turn them over, imagining that I would wear them tomorrow.There are few times in the year when you can wear new clothes, usually until Chinese New Year.Before going to bed early to wash small feet, new shoes, new socks placed beside the pillow to look at, then fell asleep.Sometimes dream, although I do not know their expression at that time, but small face with a sweet smile.New Year’s Eve is also called New Year’s Eve. Every family is decorated with lanterns and everyone is beaming.In those days, I’m afraid I could only see the smile on everyone’s face during the Chinese New Year.Early in the morning on New Year’s Eve, I was awakened from sleep by the sound of firecrackers.Father will also say in our ears, get up, the Chinese New Year, early firecrackers.We got up, put on new clothes, new shoes, and went outside to set off firecrackers.Then waiting for us is the table on the delicious dumplings.The day passed quickly with laughter.As the night drew on, thousands of lights danced in the winter night against the white snow, describing the most beautiful night in the countryside.New Year’s Eve is filled with peace and mystery.In people’s eyes, it seems that you can see a better tomorrow from here.Thirty night is to eat dinner.The whole family sit together, round and round eating meals, talking, happy.At this time, the dumplings are filled with meat and a coin is placed in the dumpling, which symbolizes good luck for the year.After the New Year’s eve dinner, there is a saying of “staying up for the New Year”. It is said that if you can stay up all night, you will be sober throughout the year.A few of our small partners dozen lanterns, go out to play, to other people’s yard to pick up firecrackers on the ground, and some can put after coming back.Of course, if play tired, casually to which, will be delicious to drink to entertain us.Unforgettable nights always pass quickly.At dawn, the village rang out a cheerful gongs and drums, the original yangko began to pay New Year’s greetings.People pay New Year’s greetings and visit each other. The whole village is boiling in the atmosphere of New Year.After many years, some of the past has been forgotten, but the scene of the childhood Chinese New Year has always remained in the heart……To be continued!”2022 Spring Festival Special”, No. 23, No. 173, 2022 (No. 5983)

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