Enjoy your spring drive!Qi yuan car to high enjoy 8000 yuan oil supplement!

Qingming Festival to the breeze to return home thousands of miles only for missing so Geely car carrying your thoughts all the way safe driving oil prices soaring?Can’t afford a car?Don’t worry!Geely Auto supports you!Geely Auto pettifies you let your oil price back to the era of 6 yuan full series models to enjoy 8000 yuan oil fill Up Geely Auto APP to receive 2000 yuan subsidy financial subsidies to enjoy 10000 yuan increase and purchase subsidies to enjoy 6000 yuan epidemic at home dare not go out to see the car?Tianjin Qiyuan opened a full range of car purchase mode Douyin pay attention to every 11 o ‘clock on time broadcast welfare more regular online live group buying multiple exclusive car benefits waiting for you to enjoy!More details welcome to the shop consultation!New store open!Many discounts, many gifts!Tianjin Zhongyuan Jixin 4S shop Jiefang South Road, Bohai Auto City gas station before 100 meters Tianjin Xiangyuan 4S shop Xiqing District Dasi High-tech Industrial Park Chuhua Road 7 Tianjin Leqi 4S shop Nankai District Yangtze River Road 289 activities from April 5, 2022 to April 10, 2022

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