Fast heating and washable intelligent wearable products developed by TIANGong University will warm athletes for the Winter Olympics

The intelligent heating fabric developed by using carbon nanotube material has uniform surface temperature distribution, fast heating speed, safe and washable, thin and soft, and can be combined with independently developed temperature control module to achieve wireless communication and intelligent precise temperature control……Intelligent wearable products provided by Professor Liu Hao’s team from The School of Textile Science and Engineering of Tianjin Polytechnic University for the Chinese Military team for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games include 690 sets of heating head sets and 407 sets of heating gloves.Has been applied to national cross-country ski team, China northern two teams, China freestyle ski jumping and slope surface barrier technique team, snowboarding u-shaped venue team, China air skills team a total of five categories of sports teams, as normal warm during training and competitions provides security science and technology, provides for the games athletes “characterized by warm”.”At the beginning of last year, we provided temperature-controlled heating gloves and headgear for athletes, coaches and volunteers preparing for the Winter Olympics.At the beginning of this year, in order to enhance the athletes’ wearing experience, the team developed the second generation of products on the basis of the first batch of products, improved in the production process and appearance design, and integrated a variety of winter Olympics elements.”Liu hao introduced that the team participated in the research and development of key technologies of high-performance clothing for winter sports and training competitions, which is the national key research and development plan of “Science and Technology Winter Olympics”, and mainly undertook the research and development of key technologies of low-temperature resistant clothing for winter sports.The intelligent temperature control heating gloves involve 15 processes, which are sewn by 20 professional and technical workers. The final product goes through 4 quality tests, and carries out two steps of internal mold and external steam iron, so that the gloves show the shape of natural bending of human fingers and improve the comfort of wearing.”Upgraded version” of intelligent temperature control heating head cover after 8 revisions, dozens of production, more than 50 samples of research and development process, beautiful appearance at the same time to overcome the practical problems such as printing and stitching difficulty of multiple pieces of fabric, strive to do every detail to the extreme……The College of Textile Science and Engineering of Tianjin Polytechnic University also changed the clothing technology room into a temporary production workshop, and cooperated with a number of enterprises outside the school to produce more than 200 sets of intelligent temperature control heating gloves and headsets, which were delivered to the winter Sports Center of The General Administration of Sport in batches, ensuring the training and competition needs of Chinese athletes.Source: Tianjin Daily

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