Good!This direction has huge potential

Due to affected by blows hot and cold side of the situation in eastern Europe, weaker outside dish last night, to drag down the A shares, then lead to all index opened lower this morning, but just as the sun teacher said yesterday, the situation in eastern Europe this problem for a-share effect is not very big, so A few big index are basically leave high to go lower.The Shanghai Composite index turned red in the morning, then there was a relatively large rally in the afternoon, and now it is close to 3500 points.From the main chart of the Sun, the Shanghai Composite index has stood on the main operation line, obviously has gone well.In addition, today’s market profit effect has also appeared a relatively obvious improvement, the early opening was less than 20%, but by the close has approached about 70%, so on the whole, there is still a relatively good profit effect.But there is still a point of deficiency, that is, today’s trading volume and a significant contraction, the volume of the whole market just over 800 billion, that without the cooperation of trading volume, it is difficult to continue to rise, because there is no sufficient change of hands, this amount of energy means that may continue to feel the bottom.So still that sentence, everything is ready, only owe the east wind, the east wind is the volume.From the plate point of view, today’s digital economy is significantly stronger, which is affected by the “east and west” good news yesterday, state-owned cloud, data center these go very well.From the main chart of the sun, data centers have taken up the main cost line, which means there will be opportunities.So today, the trend of large infrastructure, such as real estate, underground pipe network and so on is relatively strong, these are obviously closely around the two sessions of policy expectations in speculation.Therefore, Mr. Dayang has been emphasizing to everyone that there will be opportunities for these subdivisions related to the two sessions, especially the two pieces of digital economy and infrastructure.But friends must pay attention to, it is best not to chase high, because the risk is up, we must pay attention to.In addition, down the top plate, today is the lithium battery surged yesterday upstream resources, such as lithium, lithium salt lake to mention this, but in fact, from the point of the plate shape of yesterday, the sun the teacher think it’s obvious main inflows, and the main approach is clearly based on the annual report and a quarterly earnings growth, so today after the rally a technical adjustment is very normal,This is the time for us to go low.The overall trend has been formed, the market will continue to strengthen with great probability, but in the case of the existing stock of capital game, obviously can not support a number of hot plates rising at the same time, can only rotate.Therefore, we can only look for opportunities from the strong plate, while looking forward to the emergence of a continuity of hot spots, attract the continuous entry of funds, quickly increase the turnover to more than one trillion, so that there are more opportunities.

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