Huang Xiaowei, deputy secretary of Xiangfang District Committee and district head, investigated the development of morchella industry in Chenggaozi Town

On February 11, Huang Xiaowei, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee, district head, Liang Junchang, deputy director of the District, visited Fengchen Morchella planting base in Chenggaozi Town to investigate the development of morchella industry. Sun Rufeng, director of the District Agricultural and Rural Bureau, Cui Jianjun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and mayor of Chenggaozi Town, and relevant personnel attended.Harbin Fengchen Morchella planting base is located in Hongqi Village, Chenggaozi Town, the existing greenhouse 98 buildings, 60 buildings for planting morchella, per mu yield can reach 500 jin.In the planting greenhouses, Huang Xiaowei detailed understanding of artificial cultivation and marketing of morchrels, asked the development planning of enterprises, cooperatives, existing difficulties and so on, and encourage enterprises, cooperatives to expand the scale of production, the edible fungus industry in Xiangfang district bigger and stronger.Huang xiaowei stressed that the first is to further innovate development ideas, make full use of the advantages of natural climate resources, widely promote public participation, and vigorously develop industries with distinctive characteristics.Second, while strengthening the management of morchella production technology, we should constantly explore new technologies, introduce new strains, summarize new experiences and improve the scientific and technological level of fungus cultivation.Third, relevant departments should give certain policy support in the development of the industry, help enterprises to become bigger and stronger, make a brand, so that the characteristic industry of edible fungi mainly played by morels occupies a place in the market, and promote the economic development of the whole region.

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