Zhang Min after 29 years to play zhao Min again, look back at a smile difficult to hide old age, all sigh with emotion years too ruthless

There are many goddesses in Hong Kong cinema, zhang Min is one of them.In 1993, Wang Jing directed the film “heaven to kill the Dragon record of the devil taught the master” suddenly came out, Jet Li played Zhang Wuji, Zhang Min played Zhao Min, Li Zi played Zhou Zhiruo, Qiu Shuzhen played xiao Zhao, Sambo hung played Zhang Sanfeng and Wu Zhenyu played Zhang Cuishan, etc., the cast unprecedented, can be called the classic martial arts.However, recently, Wang Jing released a movie sequel, not only the casting, the plot was criticized by the audience, reputation has also plummeted.Wang Jing in order to promote the film “heaven and Dragon” and “heaven and Dragon and the Sacred Fire heroic wind”, specially invited Zhang Min for the new version of “Heaven and Dragon” shooting publicity film, she once again as the heroic Zhao Min Monarch, wearing white men’s clothes in the bamboo forest reading.Already 53 years old zhang Min, looking back at a smile is still difficult to hide her old age, makeup makes her look quite pale and old.By contrast, you can see the obvious changes in Zhang Min.Can not help but make people sigh, time is too heartless.After the photos were exposed, a large number of netizens left comments saying, “Time never stops, beauty is getting old.””, “This is Zhao Min her mother, or truant in the Dragon zhang Min better look.Another joked: ‘I’m speechless after all this.Now the whole grandmother do not know, Zhang Min’s face a little scary.””After plastic surgery, MY face is stiff and my facial features are out of balance.””Sure it’s the same person?Please don’t show your face, God help me.””Let the character stay at that time.”However, some netizens think that after 29 years, everyone will get old and there is nothing sour about it.Zhang Min is still very beautiful, whether plastic surgery is not clear, but it is still Zhang Min, 53 years old can keep this is very admirable.In the 1990s, Zhang Min was very popular, with classic roles such as “Playing Truant”, “Qi Dream”, “Rely on Heaven to Kill the Dragon”, “Zhao Min” and so on. In 1993, she and Huang Zhanyuan appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in Hong Kong in the form of video, happy New Year to the national audience.It can be seen that her status in the Hong Kong circle was transcendent.At the end of the film “Relying on Heaven and Killing The Dragon”, Zhang Min shouted to Jet Li, “If you want to save the six major parties, come to Dadu and find me.” Unexpectedly, she waited 29 years.But now Zhang Min is not the old zhao Min full of collagen.How do you feel about Zhang Min’s present condition?

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