A girl university single 5 years, by the classmate pull banner issued a certificate: such a prank is not desirable

Nowadays, it is normal for college students to fall in love. After the age of 18, they are adults. They have the right to choose their own love life, whether they are single or a couple.Supposedly, the university study is relatively loose many, as long as it does not affect the normal study, you can carry out love life, I remember someone once said, if you do not talk about a vigorous love in university, then it will be a lifelong regret.There are exceptions to the rule. It’s not surprising that some women don’t find the right partner in college and remain single until they graduate.However, it is surprising that one female student was handed a certificate after being put on a banner because she had not been in love for five years.Female students at the university of single 5 years, dragged banner certificate can be issued on February 10, jiangxi nanchang university campus, a few students are held a special activity, I saw two boys and a spacious land in campus, they took out a large red banner, impressively write a line above the golden characters “good so-and-so classmate university single 5 years”!In front of the banner stand two young women, a woman next to wearing a white down jacket, matching skirt, and black leather boots, she looks fashionable, smiling, calm, she should be a member of the organizers.The middle position in front of the banner, standing a young woman, her head bowed, seems a little embarrassed, she is the protagonist of this activity, she is the single student Zhang.From her dress, you can see that she is not a fashionable girl, wearing a beige coat, straight pants, flat shoes, is too simple and low-key, and next to her, a boy in a khaki coat, is presenting her elaborate single certificate.After the boy presents the Shanghai Certificate, he quickly ran away, leaving the poor girl, extremely embarrassed to stand in place, she stood at a loss over there, do not know is the happy or the worry, such a certificate to their reward or mockery?She didn’t know. She just stood there and let herself be played with.She seemed, without knowing where she had gone wrong, to accept it like a child who has done something wrong.I’m so sorry that I met you in this way. In today’s Internet era, this female student is also famous and has been swept online.Anyone wondering if college isn’t four years?How could she have been single for 5 years? In fact, she should have majored in medicine, and the medical undergraduate is 5 years.Isn’t it normal to be single in college?This shows that this girl is excellent, she is focused on her studies, before meeting the right boy, she does not want to settle, do not want to wronged herself, waste the good youth, should give her praise.Like this girl, should be out of the mud and not dyed, clean, ningkuanchuan, perhaps her circle clean, very pure, treat feelings seriously, such a good girl, very few in today’s society.Wood purple said that first xiaobian through this way to know the lovely girl, for her praise!Clean, not empty, do not compromise, have ideal, have pursuit, how good girl ah!If a person can meet the love of life in the most beautiful years, is a wonderful thing, but if not, do not regret, believe that the right prince is still waiting for you.Fate is a kind of things that can not be met, as long as we believe in true love, one day will wait for it.She believed that the award was just a prank. She was not angry, but just smiled awkwardly. From this, we can see that she is a generous and broad-minded good girl, and she did not care about the unfriendly way of publicity of her classmates.Some people comment that the students in this way is not harmful, insulting very strong, xiaobian is actually not in favor of the students in such a way, the name of the girls to the world, let the whole country through this way to know her, to be honest, a little suspected of violating others’ privacy.I hope you all have good intentions, and I also wish this lovely girl an early date with her ideal partner.Such a girl is worth cherishing and owning.Want to know more exciting content, pay attention to the wood purple column

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