General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech at the sixth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has aroused strong reaction in Shaoyang

Massachusetts moment on January 25, – (reporter Gu Xing correspondent Chen Xianglin) 18-20 January, the 19th session of the central commission for discipline inspection six plenary session was held in Beijing, xi jinping, delivered an important speech at the meeting, general secretary deeply summarizes the successful practice of the new era, the party’s self revolution, emphasize unswervingly adhere to the strict advocate fundamental key, perseverance to push deeper comprehensive governing party.Shaoyang cadres and the masses expressed that they should adhere to and deepen the valuable experience of comprehensively governing the Party with strict discipline, continue to play a good party conduct and clean government construction and fight corruption for a long time with the firm persistence on the road forever, and achieve good results on the new road.Yang Xiaoping, deputy director of shaoyang Municipal Party Committee inspection Office, said that Xi’s important speech was inspiring and inspiring.We should continue to deepen political patrols, around the “head” of countries, strengthen political supervision, supervise the party organizations at all levels of the party’s theoretical route policy decisions into effect guidelines and policies and the central party committee, executive in place, highlight to strengthen “key a few” “head” and the supervision of leading groups, in particular, to strengthen the upper and lower linkage, push the inspector supervision and other supervision through fusion,We will give full play to the role of political inspection as “searchlight” and “microscope” to speed up the construction of clean Shaoyang.Shaoyang city commission for discipline inspection of the prison committee worked the party’s style of the supervision department of liu zhiqiang said, formalism, bureaucracy is the party’s line, guidelines and policies and the central party committee of carrying out the enemy of major policy decisions, we will always adhere to the strict advocate tone, further implement the spirit and its implementing rules and regulations of the central eight provincial party committee, municipal party committee “itself in chapter three,” persistence remedy “four winds”, behavior.Combined with the actual work, targeted to carry out special supervision, illegal eating and drinking, private car public raising, public rent private use and other problems seriously investigated.”We need to focus on the risk points and key links of corruption in education, carry out special measures to address outstanding problems related to ‘academic degrees’ and build clean schools, effectively safeguard the interests of the people, and enhance the people’s sense of gain and happiness with the quality and fairness of education.”In Shaoyang City Education bureau discipline inspection group leader Xiao Nengang said.Double qing district party committee standing committee member and secretary of the commission for discipline inspection, area supervisor said wuxi-based, director of the committee, as a discipline at the grass-roots level, will keep in mind the general secretary, and the strict leitmotif persist for a long time, give priority to with clean construction, adhere to the mark for the forward, center of gravity down, the bottom line, strict on cadre style, yan du work carries out, some scrutiny,Solid measures will be taken to ensure that demands for full and strict Party self-governance are met at the community level.Longhui county committee, standing committee member and secretary of the county commission for discipline inspection, county committee director Lu Haitao said, we will with the 19th session of the central commission for discipline inspection six session spirit as the guide, in order to promote clean longhui construction as the gripper, clarify ideas, find direction, innovation, in the new starting point conscientiously grasp and apply the struggle history one hundred, resolutely defend established “two”, firmly do “two maintenance”,Faithfully implement the mission of the original Aspiration, and promote the high-quality development of discipline inspection and supervision in the new era.In shaoyang city bureau of industry and disciplinary watchdog group leader Hu Jun said, we will be xi jinping, the general secretary’s important speech spirit as guidance, give play to the supervisory function of the good political discipline inspection department, supervise the party member cadre’s system real enlightenment through the major policies of the CPC Central Committee, and aligning with the central party committee, required to implement the CPC Central Committee decision deployment, ensure that perform no more, no alternative, do not go out of form;Strengthen the supervision of the implementation of the “central Eight-point Regulation spirit” of the industry and information technology system, persevere in correcting the “four winds” to create a new wind, and create a good environment for the system’s staff to start their own business, clean and upright wind;We should handle cases with an iron hand, promote reform and education through cases, and achieve practical results in the building of the “three Nos” mechanism.Xi jinping pointed out at the sixth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection that the battle against corruption is still fierce, said Li Haiqing, director of the office of xinning County Commission for Discipline Inspection.As a cadre of discipline inspection and supervision, we should always be loyal to the Party, firmly uphold our ideals and convictions, see clearly whether something should be done and whether it can be done, and guard the line of defense against corruption and degeneration.We must be indomitable, keep a clear head, keep in mind that our mission is on our shoulders, always blow the trumpet of charge, and always keep in mind that anti-corruption is always on our way.We must always put the people at the top of our hearts, maintain close ties with them, fight corruption and misconduct around the people, and promote full and strict Party self-governance at the community level.Shaoyang county commission for discipline inspection committee propaganda department MoXuePei said, as a new discipline inspection campaign their way to take exams cadres, should not only have a “cloud loose still calmly” strategic concentration, and “dare to teach the new signs and” fighting spirit, from thoroughly study and apply xi general secretary in the 19th session of the sixth session of central discipline inspection commission the derive important speech spirit, self-motivated courageously to move on.Implement the strategic policy of comprehensively governing the Party with strict discipline, temper sharp ideological weapons of self-revolution, punish corruption with zero tolerance attitude, be good at struggle, have the courage to self-revolution, and contribute to the in-depth promotion of clean Shaoyang County construction and the creation of a clean political ecology.

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