The Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the china-Russia summit;Former KMT chairman: I hope the two sides of the Taiwan Strait will resolve differences

On February 4, the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, we welcomed the long-awaited opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. We also welcomed many old friends of China, among whom the most eye-catching is Russian President Vladimir Putin.In the afternoon, The Chinese leader met with Putin at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.Eight years after Chinese leaders were invited to attend the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics, Putin’s visit to Beijing to attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics hosted by China is a gesture of good-neighborliness and reciprocity.Regarding Putin’s visit to Beijing to attend the Olympic Games as promised, Chinese leaders called their meeting with Putin “the date of the Winter Olympics” and “the meeting of the New Year”. We believe that the meeting will inject new vitality into China-Russia relations.During the meeting, leaders of the two countries had frank and in-depth exchanges on several topics including the global epidemic, China’s relations and the international situation.The Chinese leader said the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to countries around the world, but China and Russia have always stayed true to their original aspiration, actively participated in global affairs, practiced true multilateralism, and played a pivotal role in the international community.Meanwhile, china-Russia trade volume has reached a new high and China-Russia relations are moving forward steadily.Under the new historical conditions, the high-level mutual trust in China-Russia relations will translate into various areas of cooperation and results of cooperation for the benefit of the two peoples.The Chinese leader stressed that China and Russia will earnestly cooperate in more areas, give full play to their political advantages, boost the economy, fight the epidemic and climate change, and safeguard international equity and justice.The Chinese leader also mentioned the synergy between China and Russia in the Belt and Road Initiative and announced the launch of the Year of China-Russia sports and cultural exchanges to deepen the traditional friendship between the two countries.Putin said Russia is willing to deepen cooperation with China in energy, economy and trade, finance, science and technology, transportation and other areas.Putin also wished China a complete success in the Beijing Olympic Games and wished the athletes of China and Russia great achievements and gold MEDALS.Putin was the first foreign leader to publicly say he would attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics amid hostility from western countries, which shows that the saying that “China-Russia relations have reached an all-time high is unprecedented” is not empty.These days, Putin has his hands full with Ukraine.In the face of a series of attacks by the United States and NATO, Putin took it in stride and found time to personally attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Beijing.This shows that in his eyes, China has enough weight and China-Russia relations have always been placed in an important position.The Beijing Winter Olympics were secretly manipulated by some Western countries, but the scene was still full of people and guests, better than Tokyo.In addition to Putin, most of the world’s senior officials and political dignitaries will attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, including all the heads of state of the five Central Asian countries.It is worth mentioning that this winter Olympics, we also invited a special guest — hung Hsiu-chu, former chairwoman of kuomintang from Taiwan.Hung said it was the second time for the Chinese to host the Olympics and the second time for her to come to Beijing to see the Olympics in person. She was honored to be invited to attend the opening ceremony.I hope that the Olympic flame will shine on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, so that the two sides will eliminate differences, Taiwan will return to the motherland as soon as possible, and China will realize the true reunification as soon as possible.

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