Coat elder brother Zhu Zhiwen handwritten Spring Festival couplets, suspected to be stolen, like the book saint Wang Xizhi?

For coat elder brother Zhu Zhiwen, we have heard much, he is a farmer singer born in the grassroots, now is also well-known throughout the country.Apart from singing and stage performance, brother Zhu Zhiwen also has a well-known interest, that is calligraphy.It is said that Zhu Zhiwen likes calligraphy and practises it a lot. He often performs calligraphy in public places. Although he often writes wrong characters, this does not affect his passion for writing.His calligraphy works were once valued as high as 200,000 yuan, making how many professional calligraphers feel worthy?So coat brother’s calligraphy is really worth more than one hundred thousand?That’s for everyone to comment on.On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, brother Overcoat is not idle in calligraphy. It is said that this picture is his door. Only the lower couplet and horizontal PI are found in the door, but the upper couplet is missing.Among the Spring Festival couplets at the gate, the lack of upper couplets is intentional, or was it stolen later?We don’t know, but if his Spring Festival couplets were stolen, who can you think of?Yes, wang Xizhi, one of the most famous calligraphers in history, had his Spring Festival couplets stolen many times on the eve of the Chinese New Year. The reason is that Wang xizhi’s calligraphy was so good that it was worth a lot of money. If his calligraphic works were genuine, they would be worth gold.Calligraphy of such value, who can not covet it?So coat elder brother Zhu Zhiwen home Spring Festival couplets were stolen, this is to compare the book saint Wang Xizhi, a word is difficult to find?Obviously not. Although Elder Brother Zhu Zhiwen practiced calligraphy, his calligraphy was really not calligraphy. He wrote with a brush, so his words would not be liked by anyone, nor would they be of great value.Moreover, brother coat home Spring Festival couplets are only half less, if the other side is really like the word of brother coat, it should be all stolen, not just steal half.So his Spring Festival couplets must not be stolen by others because of the love of his words, it is more likely not to be blown off.What do you think of zhu Zhiwen’s calligraphy?Leave a comment in the comments section.Write at the end of each of your love to participate in the distant poetry pavilion to create high quality content of the powerful power!Please follow, like, comment, favorites and share.Long press for three seconds and click “like”, thanks for your support!Like this article and be sure to forward it!

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