Hunan Lantern Festival gala: Zhang Xiaofei sang “Look up at the Stars” in tribute to the women’s football team, and baby was questioned about lip-syncing

The arrival of the Fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, flowery people such as woven lanterns, streamer overflow color yuanxiao, many places of the Lantern Festival will shock staged.The General Media group (CCTV), Hunan, Shandong, Jiangsu and other SATELLITE TV stations also provided audiences with a wonderful “Yuanxiao Party” dinner.However, in these “Yuanxiao party” feast, Big Brother (CCTV) is undoubtedly the largest audience coverage, both influence and communication power are comparable to the first, which is incomparable to other SATELLITE TV.In the local SATELLITE TV, Hunan SATELLITE TV’s Lantern Festival party alone, the topic and heat are very eye-catching.With the theme of “Tiger laughing at Lantern Festival”, hunan TV’s “Lantern Festival Gala” blends into the festive atmosphere.And the host group of the party have their own topics and heat, lineup is both the strength of the guests, so also received the attention of the general joy.After the show started, the viewing rate quickly broke through 0.5 and peaked at more than.063, winning the ratings champion of THE TV channel in the same period.It can be seen that hunan SATELLITE TV can still achieve such a result in the face of so much competition, enough to prove its position in the hearts of the audience.In addition, the stage, art, lighting, as well as the arrangement of each program are very well arranged, and the three generations of the old, middle-aged and young take turns on the stage to meet the preferences of the audience of all ages.There are many comedians to join, so that the whole evening added a lot of joy.Hunan Lantern Festival party host lineup;A rare area of five and six people hosted the group, with the group is undoubtedly the pillar he Jiong, Shen Mengchen, Liu Ye, Liang Tian, Jin Mengjia return, and is known as the successor of the young artist Qi Sijun continue to obtain reuse.However, Wang Han’s absence makes people feel a little pity.As we all know, in the previous large-scale party of Hunan TV, He Jiong and Wang Han were almost carved on the list, but now Wang Han’s absence is really a little strange.However, gratified is, feel Qi Sijun’s hosting skill is more and more stable, the basic scene can holl live, is with he Jiong with the frame, the difference on the height is a little big, slightly disharmonious.In the female host, Shen Mengchen, Liu Ye, Liang Tian, Jin Mengjia with a tacit understanding, also formed a beautiful scenery on the stage, and the whole party not only excellently completed the task, at the same time they also brought wonderful programs for the audience on the stage, ushered in the audience applause.The guest lineup of the party is more powerful, especially “the brother” and “the sister of the wind and the waves” brother and sister have arrived, brought more ratings and topics to the party.Among them, the ageless goddess Yang Yuying’s “You laugh really good-looking” stage, the voice is sweet as always.The stage of Drunken Master by Bai Jugang and Li Sanni made the atmosphere instantly explode.Xie Xiaodong, Bridge’s “Happy Today” stage brings the audience full of memories.However, in numerous performing guests, there are two beauties are particularly eye-catching.Angelababy appeared at the Hunan Lantern Festival gala for the first time since her divorce. She was still charming on stage. She sang the Winter Olympics song “The Date of Winter Dream” for the audience.Similarly, Zhang Xiaofei can be said to be a regular guest at various parties of Hunan TV, especially after she won the best actress, her status in the entertainment industry has been soaring, her every move has attracted the attention of netizens, but also become the hottest topic at the moment.In the Lantern Festival party of hunan satellite TV this, Zhang Xiaofei changes the modelling before, one black gauze skirt is beautiful and colourful come on stage, that tall dish the long hair temperament is excellent.Even in the bullet screen, subtitles such as “So beautiful and elegant, Fei Ma temperament absolutely absolutely child” are constantly appearing.On stage, Zhang Xiaofei and children sing a song “Looking up at the Stars” to pay tribute to Chinese women’s football team.It was so intimate, and every move was so tender.Net friend: “za mama also too beautiful, too gentle!Red qi is really nourishing.”Indeed, the present Zhang Xiaofei has a charming temperament that people can not say.”Zhang xiaofei is already very beautiful, but before that she was doing comedy, which made people ignore her beauty,” said many netizens.Indeed, The beauty of zhang Xiaofei’s temperament, as well as her unique temperament is a lot of net red artists than.Jin Chen is recently with the highest heat of the ice dun Dun and snow Rong Rong, but also with Deng men’s partner magic show, this time Deng men’s performance is not a Rubik’s cube, but chose our common playing cards.However, during the performance, when the seven of hearts that Jinchen chose appeared in the plastic frame for a moment, she showed a very surprised expression, which was quite exaggerated.This prompted many viewers to ask, “Is Jin Chen really not a duet?”One user even joked: “Jinchen is a professional. Remember to bring her to the next magic show.”Visible, not everyone can do magician’s partner, accidentally will be mistaken for “tuo”.What do you think of hunan TV’s Lantern Festival gala?Whose stage is the highlight of the party?Welcome to comment.{note, this article pictures from the network, if there is a copyright problem, please contact to delete, thank you!}

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