What about James Harden joining the sixers?Nash a short sentence to expose the ambition of the fan rage spray shame

Now harden has officially joined the 76 people, nets and he has finally ended a farce, both sides are now on good terms, Owen after learned harden trading information is also on the blessings, but he said he will lead the nets won let have a good look at the outside world, and coach Steve Nash would be asked how see harden the deal.The reporter enquirer how to treat basket net today’s trade operation?”It’s a very positive sign from my point of view,” Nash said. “Now that everybody doesn’t have to worry about being traded, everybody can play, and today’s deal helps us move forward.”Nash was asked if he could win a title with Harden.Nash said, “Why not?I’m happy with the way we’re going to win it. We’re going to get there. We have a more reasonable roster, and I have respect for Harden, but I’m finally getting to the point where some of my tactics are going to work.For Nash’s speech many fans feel very angry, and even have fans denounced Nash for shame, and let Nash hurriedly speech class everywhere, for example, the Nash has now is the accumulation of the players ran out of all fame, Nash as head coach of the team can say harden left his half of the responsibility that shall be incurred, OuWenZe is held responsible for the other half.Let’s take a look at Nash’s playbook. The Nets haven’t won a game without Harden, and the team is on the verge of falling out of the top eight in the Eastern Conference, and see if Nash’s playbook can fix that mess.

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