Chenzhou Li Pingli: A Tough woman who works hard to handle cases

Li Pingli, chief of the investigation and supervision Department of the Suxian District Procuratorate in Chenzhou City, is a female prosecutor. Well-built, she always wears plastic glasses and a cool ponytail. She looks delicate and weak, but who knows, she is actually a tough woman at work.”A tough woman who can handle everything, does everything and loves everything. She is a versatile man.”This is the suxian District prosecutor fu Xiaobin’s evaluation of Li Pingli.Li Pingli entered the Suxian District Procuratorate at the end of 2006 and worked in the Public Prosecution Department in 2008. She handled 147 cases of examination and approval for arrest and 144 cases of examination and prosecution in two years. In 2007 and 2008, she was awarded as the Advanced Individual of Political and legal work in Suxian District for two consecutive years.In September 2009, Li Pingli was assigned to the office of political work, transferred from business backbone to comprehensive department work, she just sorted out all kinds of political work data 25 volumes in less than two months, successfully created “four into” visit to stimulate the vitality of the prosecution “political work fine project.Her colleagues helped her figure it out, and she worked 51 days overtime in two months.After serving as chief of the investigation and supervision Section in 2010, she led the section to create a demonstration post of female meritorious service in Suxian District in less than half a year, ranking first in the city’s “thousand point system” assessment, and then maintaining the first place in 2011, 2012 and 2013.”Being a section chief for four years and even winning the first place for four years is something only a tough girl like Lee Ping-li can do!”Suxian District Procuratorate in charge of investigation and supervision work deputy chief Inspector Liao Weihong heartfelt praise!In April 2012, Li Pingli accepted a yongxing county coal mine worker Deng Tianshan with explosive device hostage case.”Deng Tianshan is extremely dangerous and the case is very complicated.”This is the prosecutor’s office leader’s assessment of the case.But “female man” unluckily unbelieving evil, take the initiative to the leadership request: “give the case to me, as long as I dare to fight, and then hard bone I also want to chew it down!”After reviewing case file materials and questioning suspects repeatedly, Li Pingli found out the case as expected.”This case does not conform to the crime of kidnapping ‘for the purpose of extorting property’ crime constitutive elements, and in line with the crime of explosion constitutive elements, should be suspected of the crime of explosion deng approved the arrest”, “female man” decisively overturned the public security organs of the whole case of the qualitative, deng was eventually convicted by the court of explosion.After the case is settled, who knows “tough woman” still not let go.”Prosecutors should not just handle cases, but also have a sense of social responsibility.”Li Pingli said.In order to maintain Deng Tian good the legitimate rights and interests of the “dangerous”, eliminate contradictions, Li Pingli successively five times to yongxing county, to find Deng Tian dispute coal boss, talk about law reasoning, and finally to 90000 yuan for Deng Tian good inductrial injury compensation, when he was poor can not afford a lawyer, Li Pingli active contact law firm, providing legal aid.In this way, a complicated case was successfully handled into a high-quality “iron case”, which achieved good legal and social effects and was rated as the outstanding case of the province in 2012.During the period of 4 years of investigation and supervision, “female man” for numerous excellent cases, 2010 “Liu Junxia intentional injury case” for the city’s excellent cases, 2011 “Chen Weichang robbery” for the city’s excellent cases, 2012 “Deng Tianshan bombing” for the province’s excellent cases, 2013 “rock about drug trafficking” for the city’s excellent cases…In April 2013, Chen mou, a minor in a middle school, was handed over by the public security organs to investigate and supervise the examination and arrest.Originally is not the case organizer, when she found Chen mou is still a high school student, feel very sorry and sad.”A high school student, too pity, must save!””Nuhanzi” decisively took over the case from the original undertaker.In order to better save Chen, Li Pingli has 9 times to take the initiative to contact Chen’s parents and school, and in the school and parents are put forward regulatory commitment, take bail to prevent the occurrence of social harm to make Chen’s decision not to approve the arrest.In this way, Chen returned to the familiar campus.After closing the case, the “tough girl” still could not forget the high school student who made the mistake. How did the school teachers and classmates look at him?Will he be scarred by it?In order to give Chen a better learning and living environment, Li Pingli went to the school again, and visited home, and made a detailed education plan with Chen’s father.Seeing all this, Father Chen was moved to tears: “Li section chief for my son day and night hard work, do more thoughtful than our parents, really for our sake!”(Source: Suxian District Civilization Office)

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