Hubei Jingshan Middle School held a symposium for interns of Hankou College

On the morning of April 7, after returning to school during the Qingming Festival holiday, Jingshan Middle School in Hubei province held a symposium for interns and instructors of Hankou College.School leaders Li Shirong, Chen Guocheng, Chen Aiguo and instructor Luo Xiang attended the symposium.At the meeting, Vice President Chen Aiguo introduced the implementation of a series of work of Hankou University, such as intern registration, professional matching, accommodation arrangement, epidemic prevention and control, traffic safety, etc.The interns and their instructors exchanged the current status of the promotion of professional practice and discussed the promotion plan of the future practice.Guo-cheng Chen deputy proposed “transition role, take the first step on the path” constructive requirements, such as). The principal focus on from the requirements of “work” and “discipline” two aspects proposed the hope, hope to hankou college internship students through in the jingshan school internship can enrich knowledge, be familiar with the duties and understand the jingshan, promote the jingshan,For the future to set foot on the job to lay a solid foundation, full of confidence to work.(Jingshan Middle School)

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