How to experience the speed and passion of the Winter Olympics?This SUV makes you feel silky smooth

In 2008, the successful hosting of the Summer Olympics in Beijing marked China’s emergence as a global superpower.After 14 years, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games officially opened. As an important window to show China’s image and spread its voice, the successful hosting of the Winter Olympic Games will once again be a sports event of historical significance to China and the world.Tell the story of the Winter Olympics, go to the ice and snow appointment.Due to the epidemic, most sports fans and audiences cannot watch the games live, but we can still cheer for China’s Olympic athletes on the screen, and even feel the speed and passion of the Winter Olympics through an SUV!On January 20, ahead of the Olympics, faw Toyota corolla sharp put yao appearance, Toyota official sponsorship partners, as the 2022 Beijing Olympics, faw Toyota products to support during the traffic operation, as the “players” outside, with a number of hard power corolla sharp ready to play, their games are quality, promoted the Olympic spirit.If free skiing graceful posture, brand architecture comfortable to enjoy easy riding experience snow flying thrilling, enjoy the original chi wax like the Northern scenery.Freestyle skiing, an athletic event on snow performed by completing a series of prescribed and optional routines.One of the keys to performing a trick is to lower your center of gravity to achieve a more stable body posture. Whether it’s aerials, moguls, or ballet on snow, a steady play with a low center of gravity will lead to excellent results.Also low center of gravity, the Corolla’s sharp body posture is perfect for freestyle skiers.Under the construction of TNGA architecture platform, high rigid body, suspension and wheel base optimization adjustment, therefore, Corolla Sharp has outstanding body stability and smooth driving texture of the whole scene.In straight acceleration or continuous curves, it will not shake when the steering wheel grip is small, and the flexibility and following of the car body are very outstanding.Accordingly, the driver’s operation is reduced, driving fatigue is reduced, and the driver has a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. It is precisely because of the “easy driving” DNA of Corolla that the driver can feel the pulse of snow and ice and enjoy the pleasure of “flying close to the ground”.What is fast as lightning on the slopes?Double from two to four?Initial speed, balance, ability to continuously increase?This is the core speed competition of snowmobile on the track!In this sport, the average speed of snowmobiles is 100 km/h, and the top speed can reach 160 km/h. The pursuit of speed and technology is the perfect reflection of the Olympic spirit.Equipped with a new powertrain, the Camaro has the same smooth acceleration and fun driving experience.TNGA 2.0L Dynamic Force Engine has a maximum power of 126kW and a maximum torque of 205N·m. The Engine adopts long stroke, expanded valve Angle, efficient air inlet and other design elements to achieve high-speed combustion and improve fuel consumption and Dynamic performance.At the same time, the introduction of new direct injection injector and new electric VVT (variable timing valve) and other new technologies, improve the output power, fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, with a completely lightweight, miniaturized, low center of gravity and other characteristics.With its matching DirectShift-CVT transmission by greatly expanding the speed ratio range and high efficiency, breakthrough to improve the acceleration performance, fuel efficiency and interior calm.At the same time, the technology of double-port oil pump with split shaft vane and innovative control system are adopted to improve fuel efficiency and driving performance.Under the support of high quality power combination, Corolla sharp release brings surging driving feeling, smooth start, low speed can release torque well, accelerate smoothly, the driver only lightly step on the accelerator can output powerful power, and take into account fuel economy, the overall fuel consumption is only 5.9L/100km.Such as curling elegant posture, flexible turn to enjoy smooth hand in hand masters, refers to where to play which, discretion, the outcome has been decided.In the Winter Olympic Games, there are not only speed and strength, but also high IQ and elegant skill sports, such as curling, which tests the physical and mental strength of the participants and shows the beauty of movement and movement, and the control of force, rotation and direction is very accurate.Like corolla sharp EPS electronic power steering system, the design of the electric steering system pays attention to the feel of the steering wheel, to achieve smooth and flexible steering sense, pointing accurate, positive performance is good, so that the driver feels obvious “road sense”, grasp the direction, control life.In addition, corolla’s turning performance is better than that of suVs of the same class, thanks to its minimum turning radius of 5.2 meters. Whether it is turning around in a narrow environment, entering a garage or parking in a row, the smaller turning radius makes the vehicle have a more flexible and vigorous posture.Combined with the PVM panoramic monitoring system, the “God’s perspective” is immediately displayed, and the images taken from the vehicle’s overlooking view are displayed on the 9-inch central control screen. The driver can confirm the surrounding conditions that are difficult to be visually detected from the driver’s seat in real time, and the winner is in hand when passing turns or narrow roads.As a brand new work under the slogan of FAW Toyota “True to the core”, Corolla Sharp display of extraordinary strength is impressive, especially the excellent power and control performance, bring you “Fun to Drive” enjoyable experience, just like being in the winter Olympic stadium, feel the speed and passion of sports projects, let you experience silky smooth.Is such a corolla sharp, don’t you want to own?

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