Lu Xun’s life plain, monthly salary has 350 dollars however, equivalent to what salary level now?

Speaking of the sharp-tongued Lu Xun, does his image already spring to mind?His image is always a robe is very plain, although is a famous litterateur educator, in him but don’t see any high above the temperament, is so friendly that his words all the time also in attacking the darkness of the old society, and heartache as the voice of the people for all living things, all his life “head bowed as a willing ox” is the best.It is said that Mr. Lu Xun’s monthly salary is 350 dollars, which may be said that we do not have any concept, so in today’s words, what is the salary level?It was said that an ocean can buy 500 steamed stuffed bun, if according to today’s price to conversion, if a steamed stuffed bun 5 yuan, then an ocean about 100 yuan, lu xun’s wages today for more than thirty thousand yuan, in combined with the changes of The Times, the purchasing power must be big different, so 350 pieces of the ocean,Must be worth much more than the above figures, so how to look at Mr. Lu Xun should be a rich man, enough to live a rich and luxurious life, but why is he so frugal and simple, sometimes the top of his clothes are patched?If you read his works and know him well, you can understand that he saved his life. He used all his money to make his voice heard for the society, to help many poor and ambitious young people, to expand his team and wake up more and more people, and to try his best to let himself shine.How could such a selfless and generous person indulge in material desires to enjoy a quality life when most people are extremely poor and difficult?There are a lot of lu xun’s works, such as “the diary of a madman” hometown “the true story of ah Q, and so on, he will own a piece of blood poured in the literature, will also be hopeless to society and express to hope for the future is very impressive, we may read don’t understand his words as a child, but as the growth of the experience, it is found that his greatness,Also enough to see at that time is how precious, called a great man.A lot of friends have seen “s awakening” the series, it will largely restored image of lu xun, also let the viewers to his screen had more stereo, if our young people will be able to make his love for the motherland, and for its high demand continues, and then let the light instead of dark, let the sleepy people wake up,Let the chaotic thoughts be corrected, surely that was the scene he most wanted to see.Lu Xun said: there is no road in this world, but when more people walk, it becomes a road.No matter how old people live, adhere to the original heart is the most important thing in this life, even if this idea is more maverick, so it is ridiculed and teased by the people around, and even some people say that this is not mature and unrealistic performance, it also do not choose to go with the flow in the crowd, forget the way they came.Because each person is the master of his or her own destiny, and only a growing number of people who are committed to their original purpose can form a stronger society, a stronger nation, and a more civilized and inclusive world.Lu xun is to study medicine, but he don’t think learning YiJiu China at that time, so a medical article picked up the pen to illuminate the future of the road, he could have done a doctor to heal the wounded and rescue the dying, but chose to do the doctor on the human soul, sharp words wake up numerous destruction of mass, until today we still read his article, admiring his ideas.He could have lived a comfortable life, but he chose to fight for the nation and took the most difficult muddy path. Fortunately, Mr. Lu Xun followed and turned the muddy path out of the open road, and opened a section of flat but extraordinary life!

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