Not as good as Li Tie?A large number of fans angrily denounced Li Xiaopeng, Shouting out the familiar voice: class dismissed!

The National football team lost, was convinced, in a complete mess.At the end of the game, China’s possession rate was only 36%, with only two shots on goal, one of which was a free-kick in front and the other was wu Xi’s volley from the front of the penalty area after Jiang Guangtai knocked down a defender.In addition, the National football team has no shot opportunities.Japan scored 17 goals against Yan junling, six of which were on target for two goals.In addition to 17 shots, Japan created 11 corner chances, while China only had one corner kick.It can be said that the national football team lost this game is quite ugly, not only lost the result process also has no bright spot.After the game, most of the fans and media are slightly numb, for the National football team 0-2 to give the “default”.Li Xiaopeng directed the platoon arrangement, and on-site command is too lazy to comment.However, when China loses, there are always some people who stand up and howl.And this part of the fans, the first time came to li Xiaopeng guidance personal social media to denounce.A look at li Xiaopeng’s personal social media, the latest information can be traced back to 2011 when he coached the women’s national football team.However, that didn’t stop some angry fans from asking questions.We don’t know how many of the 15,000 comments under this message are fresh from today.However, the first few pages are basically the voice of li Xiaopeng guiding the class.Even, there are fans angry li Xiaopeng guidance not as good as Li Tie led the team to play.In other words, it is an inevitable result to instruct Li Xiaopeng to dismiss class.But no one expected to come so soon.After only one match, so many fans came to the personal social media under the guidance of Li Xiaopeng to persuade him to quit.Today, the national football team first 11 names announced, there are some fans and media people questioned li Xiaopeng guidance of employment.However, after watching the whole match between The National football Team and the Japanese team, I think the result is the same for whoever li Xiaopeng sends.Because, the gap between the National football team and the Japanese team is too big, is the difference between heaven and underground.Even without Yan Junling, Hao Junmin, a back 4 and Wang Shanchao at the back, China would have lost the game.At best, the process might look a little better than a bad loss.However, this does not solve the problem of whether to go out or not, whether to lose or not.On the national football team this game performance of the gap, has not been able to make up for the coach.At this time, I feel I can give Li Xiaopeng more guidance time, let him take a look, can help young players grow up.If you have to, you can leave after the Big 12.

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