The state Finance Bureau held a joint meeting on linking and promoting rural revitalization in 2022

Recently, the reporter learned from the 2022 Joint meeting of Bazhou Finance Bureau that up to now, the central government and the autonomous region have arranged the subsidy fund of 502 million yuan for the promotion of rural revitalization in Bazhou, and all the funds have been distributed to all counties and cities in Bazhou.The meeting proposed that all project departments in charge of Bazhou should plan the project reserve work well in advance, promote the warehousing of high-quality rural revitalization projects, and lay a solid foundation for further obtaining superior funds.Prefectural departments in charge of projects shall urge county and city industry departments to make timely preparation to ensure the timely start of projects;Financial departments should make monthly statistics and execute monthly reports, urge counties and cities to speed up the progress of expenditure, and avoid the occurrence of funds and other projects or projects and other funds.Bazhou bureau relevant responsible comrades, said his bureau will be further compaction county financial department job responsibilities, strengthen cohesion to promote rural revitalization of subsidy funds of normalized supervision, give full play to the capital of the “closed-loop” supervision mechanism, to ensure compliance and safe use of funds, continue to increase financial support, strengthening rural “blood” function,We will provide strong financial guarantee for prefectural rural revitalization.(Reporter Chen Xin)

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