To be successful, you must create your own opportunities

Even if you stay up late to read it, bring everyone into the pit for free.If success is the sun in the day, then failure is the stars in the night. There will be no sun rising without the stars falling, and the dazzling sun will be covered by clouds.If success is sweet fruit, then failure is sour fruit, you know, sweet fruit is sour at first.There is no perfect job, only a chance to choose a starting point that is closer to the path you want to take.Try harder to be the person you want to be.Content introduction: Every industry has the opportunity to make money, the key lies in whether you have the eyes to find business opportunities, whether there is a nose to smell business opportunities.Li Ka-shing once said: “The shrewd businessman only has a keen sense of smell to play the best role of business intelligence, that kind of dull, closed company boss will do nothing.”The key to Li’s success lies in his keen observation and judgment of form.In the process of changing forms, he is good at in-depth and detailed analysis, and adopt effective coping strategies, make correct decisions, so as to grasp opportunities of one kind or another.At the age of 14, li Ka-shing had no choice but to drop out of school and go to work to support his family.At the age of 17, Li Ka-shing went out alone, starting from a working boy, dry sales work;At the age of 22, Li ka-shing started his business career by setting up cheung Kong Plastic Factory in Shau Kei Wan with us $7,000 he had saved by scrimping and saving.Since then, Li Ka-shing began to rewrite his own life, began to create the world’s unique wealth myth.About It: When the world cannot be changed, you can live only if you have ideas.There is change, there is a way out.The book describes the importance of change in life from different perspectives, including “How long will it take to know who you really are?””Forget everything you know and experience the possibilities,” “Reduce internal consumption and stop obsess,” and “99% of people don’t really understand the 80/20 principle.”Overturn the traditional stubborn thinking, let go of all the factors that pull at the moment, and transform the inner motivation to pull back the fate of the game, rather than waiting to die!Most of the time, when we reorganize our biases, we think we’re thinking;When you repeat your mistakes, you think you are sticking to your dream.In the negative waste, also thought is relaxing;When hurting others’ self-esteem, you think it is forthright;In complacent, thought is in the adhere to;In casually give up, also thought is in the choice;When drunk, think it is generous;When you don’t want to make progress, you think it is low-key.We live in the prison of our own ideas without realizing it.Change yourself, and your world will change.(Click below to read for free) Let’s meet in a Higher placeWang Xiao, Li Shanglong, the heart, salty noble, bai higher-ups share 26 bravely let everyone’s story, about their life climbing mountains down with ecstasy, met with in the process of separation, harvest and give up, no matter how, always have a firm belief to support them to continue upward, standing on a higher peak to see the most beautiful scenery, never give up.One thing is for sure: there will be fewer and fewer people at higher altitudes, and you will feel lonely on the way up, as true climbers do.If you’re already on your way, it’s lonely for a long time.If you’ve been exploring individual trends, your industry, your goals and approaches, your next growth point, and still feel lost, consider yourself trapped in “strategic loneliness.”This kind of loneliness can be gradually unlocked only by continuous argumentation and the passage of time, and is basically lifelong;People who seem to be traveling with each other are actually climbing alone.What’s the loneliness of having dinner and going to the movies with no one?(Click below to read for free) If you have read any good books, please share them with me!Success may be against you, but it is only playing with you, believe in yourself, the words of success, sent to you.Did you fail school today?

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