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Recently, Chen Jianbin and his wife Jiang Qinqin attended the Sichuan and Chongqing Spring Festival Gala, and they rarely went back to Jiang Qinqin’s hometown chongqing for the Spring Festival. Jiang qinqin’s family was so happy that it was necessary to welcome their son-in-law with a table of hot pot, which was hot and hot.But was slightly embarrassing scene happened, James Chen and angel family sitting around a table, the table is all sorts of ingredients and a red and white two hot pot, full consideration to the James Chen this northern son-in-law taste requirements, but look from food packaging, this meal preparation slightly hasty, rinse hot pot ingredients should come from food store to buy directly, and then come back with packaging.However, Jiang Qinqin’s family hospitality, Chen Jianbin hospitality.During the dinner, Chen Jianbin was filled with a glass of white wine. In the visual range of the picture, only Chen jianbin and an elder next to him drank white wine, while other relatives and friends chose red wine.From the point of live pictures, by the angel with the children see this scene, very uneasy, directly from James Chen, but James Chen may be because of the relative face, may be especially like to drink white wine, not ignored his wife’s exhortation, reached for the front end of the glass, then angel volume amplification, continue to stop drinking, husband but still despite dissuasion James Chen,He raised his glass with his friends and relatives, probably finding that his wife was in a very intense mood. He held the glass high and turned to look at his wife. At this time, Jiang Qinqin instantly turned black and his dissatisfaction was written on his face.Chongqing people are known to be hospitable, as chongqing son-in-law, surely don’t want to lose face in front of the wife family, and he is northwest man, isn’t too much to drink liquor, so some netizens analysis says, since it is live in the wife’s family, that is no worries of drunk driving, and James Chen often go out with friends, drink natural is not the problem, so the only reasonable explanation,Jiang Qinqin is pregnant with a third child.In 2005, Jiang qinqin and Chen Jianbin met and fell in love while filming the TV series Qiao’s Courtyard. They got married in 2006 and gave birth to their first son, named Tiger, in 2007.Eleven years later, In July 2018, Jiang gave birth to Chen jianbin’s second son, Wenqiang, who will soon be 4 years old.Some netizens believe that Chen Jianbin and Jiang Qinqin have always had a long-cherished wish: to have a daughter.The reason is that the second child’s nickname is Qiang and Teletype from the Book of Songs.Feng represents the meaning of woman.Being born in the 1970s, Jiang Qinqin and Chen Jianbin are relatively traditional in their views on marriage and love, as well as on their children.Since there is this long-cherished wish, that Chen Jianbin should abandon some male chauvinism, and Jiang Qinqin work together, fully prepared for the third child.We wish Jiang Qinqin and Chen Jianbin all the best.Thank read article | 7 colour dyeing, recognition in this paper, thumb up + care figure source network invasion, please delete

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