Jing county specialty, recommended to you these 5 kinds of tea, seasonal and drink more benefit

Jing County specialty, recommend to you these 5 kinds of tea: 1, Jing County qinyu tea, qinyu tea slightly tea taste, more light fishy taste;2. Tingxi Lanxiang Tea is a geographical indication product of China’s national agricultural products;3. Tongshan Tejian, a special variety of baked green tea;4, Yongxi Huoqing, domestic famous tea, belongs to pearl tea;White cloud tea, the pointed baked green tea of Baiyun Mountain.1. Jingxian Qinyu Tea.This is a product of anhui Province’s intangible cultural heritage. Jingxian Qinyu Tea tastes mellow and refreshing.After drinking tea soup, the fish will eat in the mouth fine taste, fresh, fragrant, salty, sweet, unique flavor.Qin fish tea slightly tea taste, more light fishy taste, salty and umami taste, drink up do not have a flavor.The cooking method is to put the fish into boiling water with tea, cinnamon, fennel, sugar, salt and other seasonings while it is fresh, and then put it on the plate to dry.2. Tingxi Lanxiang Tea.This is a Chinese national geographical indications of agricultural products products, native to the mountains in the south of anhui jingxian county dean creek, and domestic mountain green part, streams welling, has ten thousand mu of forests, belong to the huangshan mountains stretch, often in a mountain natural tea tree as friend, spring and the cloud and mist, valley for home, original ecological natural environment gives birth to “dean creek spearmint” excellent natural quality.3, Especially sharp copper Mountain.This is a special variety of anhui baked green tea, usually picked after Qingming festival, a little later than the new tea on the market.Jingxian Tongshan produced tea is particularly famous, the quality is superior.This is a kind of local newly created famous tea. When brewed in a cup, the mist is on the top of the tea, the orchid fragrance is overflowing, the buds and leaves are slowly unfolded, clear and clear, and the taste is fresh, mellow and refreshing.Yongxi Fire.This is a pearl tea produced from Jingxian Longqiao town Yongxi village, tea garden about 500 meters above sea level, this area of high mountains and dense forest, valley deep stream, clouds and mists, flowers and plants, unique ecological conditions.Generally picked from tomb-sweeping day to grain rain period, for the domestic unique famous tea.”Yongxi Huoqing”, used to be the tribute tea of the past dynasties, is now the best gift.5, Aimin green tea.Aimin green tea is produced in Aimin tea town, Jing County, southern Anhui Province. Aimin green tea has the excellent quality characteristics of bright green color, smooth and clear, tender and durable, high cool and fragrant, fresh and mellow taste, sweet and bubble-resistant, light green color, clear and bright, light yellow at the bottom of the leaf, uniform and fat.Into the cup brewing, fog knot top, orchid fragrance overflow.Anhui Baiyun Tea.Produced in Anhui Jingxian west baiyun Mountain pointed baked green tea, picked fine buds and leaves, after degreen, baking, picking, fire made.Once out of production, in recent years to recover.Pick fine buds and leaves, through degreen, baking, pick pick, fill fire made, color if the milk of jade pulp, bright and clear qingli.If you want to know more about us, join us

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